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Jacqueline Barredo is a certified speech-language pathologist licensed in New York State.  Jacki received a Masters Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Hofstra University.  In addition, she holds a Teacher of Students with Speech and Language Disabilities (TSSLD) certification.   

Jacki has been in private practice serving a wide array of children since 2011 on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Prior to embarking on private practice, Jacki worked with children at BIRCH Family Services, The McCarton School, The Meeting House, and through Early Intervention.

 Areas of Expertise 

oral motor therapy

play skills

PROMPT trained

articulation therapy

expressive language delays and disorders

auditory processing

social skills

receptive language delays and disorders


A note from Jacki:

"The choice to be a speech-language pathologist was an easy one for me.  In choosing a career path, I knew that helping children grow and succeed was of paramount importance in my daily life.  

Helping children overcome their communication difficulties is my main objective and a truly gratifying experience.  As a speech-language pathologist, my mission offers me the opportunity to observe and evaluate each individual child that walks through my door and give him or her the best possible treatment.  I have developed a myriad of therapy techniques throughout my years in this field and that is very important to me.  I enjoy implementing these skills - all in the name of fun!  I have learned how important it is to honor each child's interests and motivations.  Using these tools to develop meaningful rapport with a child is highly rewarding - and keeps treatment exciting and engaging for all.  The experience of watching a child learn and grow through our work together is the reason my passion in this field continues to grow. 

I recognize the importance of a client-centered, case-specific therapeutic experience. In addition, working in tandem with families, teachers, and other specialists is an integral part of my work.  I believe a whole-child approach is necessary to establish carryover and overall success."

Kids holding hands looking at speech bub


Speech-Language Therapy is treatment designed to help children with speech, language, swallowing and feeding, and voice difficulties related to communication.    

As a professional speech-language pathologist, I aim to offer top quality speech and language therapy services in order to meet my clients' needs. I’m highly committed to treating each child as an individual and providing each family with feedback and support. 


Therapy Sessions

Through this service, I work individually with your child to best support his or her speech and/or language skills.  Therapy is child specific and sessions typically run for 45-minutes.

- Teamwork -

Often times children are referred to me from other specialty areas, such as occupational therapy or developmental pediatrics.  I believe that working with all individuals on a child's team is critical to success.  I truly enjoy and know the tremendous benefits of collaborating with teachers, reading specialists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, SEITs, neuropsychologists, and pediatricians as we navigate and implement the best strategies to help your child.


Assessments & Giving Direction for Treatment

When a family is in need of an assessment of a child's strengths and weaknesses in the area of speech and/or language, a full speech-language evaluation may be warranted.  Other times, if a child has a history of receiving speech-language therapy, a consultation might be appropriate. I will listen to your concerns and answer your questions so that the best course of action will be taken to help your child.

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  • "Jacki is an extraordinary speech therapist! Our son grew and progressed tremendously with her support and hard work. What impressed our family the most was her uncanny ability to quickly establish a strong, genuine and nurturing rapport with her students. Jacki's ability to turn substantive work time with measurable results into "fun games" that kids look forward to made a huge difference. We feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Jacki as our child's speech therapist."

- Sara & David, Parents

  • "My daughter was struggling to speak at 18 months old. Within 1 year of starting services with Jacki, my daughter had reached her milestones. Jacki was loving and patient. My daughter adores her and more than a year after completing services, she still asks to go play with Jacki.  I highly recommend her!"

- Eva, Parent

  • "There is only one word I can use to describe Jacki....magical. I have had the pleasure of working with Jacki professionally for 8 years. She is a team player and always looking for my advice as an occupational therapist on how to best help the children that we work with together which has lead to some of the most amazing progress in the kids we work with.  More importantly, I have watched Jacki work wonders with my own daughter. When it was time for my daughter to start speech, she was the only therapist my daughter would agree to. Jacki was sensitive to how self-conscious my daughter was and went out of her way to make therapy creative and fun. There are very few people my daughter loves as much as Jacki and we are so grateful for all her help and love she gave to her."

Meghan, Occupational Therapist and Parent

  • "Jacki treated two of my children during their toddler years, helping them develop and use their speech and language skills. I trust her implicitly, and even returned to her when my school-age son needed additional help beyond what school could provide. Her assessments are spot-on, she is caring, and she is patient. My daughter even asks when she will get to see Jacki next!"

Bari, Parent

  • "As a SEIT, Jacki and I have worked together with several children in the past. She is communicative, collaborative and a talented practitioner who is an integral part of a team. Jacki’s thoroughness and ability to see the whole child can be seen in her gentle and fun approach to speech therapy.  Any family working with Jacki is lucky to have her on their team!"

- Becky, SEIT (Special Education Itinerant Teacher)

  • “My son wasn’t speaking when we first started working with Jacki 5 years ago. She literally pulled the words out of him! She has a wonderful way of making speech work fun. My son looks forward to seeing her every week. She’s so important to him that he asked her to visit him at school during Special Friends Day.”

- Nicole, Parent

  • "Jacki is simply exceptional! She always took the time to make sure that we, as parents, understood her therapeutic approaches and techniques, as well as making effective
    communication among my son's other providers on his team a priority. Her person-centered approach, where she meets the children at their level each week and builds on their strengths, gives them the best chance to succeed and to achieve their goals. It was very obvious from the beginning that to Jacki, this wasn’t just a job. It is her passion in life, proven by her work ethic, enthusiasm and dedication."

- Kristin, Parent



As a parent, it can be overwhelming to think that your child is having trouble communicating. It can also be confusing to understand a topic as specific as speech-language therapy. Being educated is empowering and will allow you to better understand the difficulties your child may be having. 

Below is some helpful information that explains speech-language therapy and the role of a speech-language pathologist.  Some of these sites have been beneficial to the parents of children I treat.  Additionally, you can contact me directly with any questions you might have.



Jacqueline Barredo, M.A., CCC-SLP, TSSLD

171 West 79th St.

Suite 1

New York, NY



Phone: ‪(917) 408-3891

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